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I am mostly self taught using the world around me to help capture imagery and have also worked with Models to help me learn the art of photography, initially I made many mistakes although ‘fluking’ the odd impressive shot I knew there was much to learn, I arranged a photoshoot in a local studio with an experienced model and had a lesson from the Photographer who owned the studio, plus the loan of a camera, a world of difference was instantly recognizable. Being more of a location ‘outdoors’ Photographer at heart, I also knew it was vital to learn the art of using natural light, as I was getting extremely mixed results, mostly bad, so a second lesson with a Natural light specialist followed.

I have met and worked with some amazing people and can’t thank them enough, as long as I keep meeting new people and getting new challenges my enjoyment will remain!

Some photos remain from an earlier period of my photography as I feel it helps show my progress!

WEBSITE constantly being updated so remember to check back

NB Some galleries may contain aspects of Nudity which are not meant to cause offence

Thank you for reading.

Robert Porcher-Meen
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